Introducing the Reigning King: Electric Scooter with a Dazzling 156 km Range Hits the Market at an Irresistible Price!

LML Star Electric Scooter – Roar into the Future!

Rev up your excitement as LML Star EV takes the throne in the market with a mind-blowing range of 156 kilometers on a single charge! Yes, you heard it right! This electric sensation is making a grand entrance, packed with dazzling electric features and a design that will leave you in awe. If you’re on the lookout for a top-notch electric scooter with an extensive range and fabulous features in early 2024, your search ends here. Let’s explore all the jaw-dropping features and pricing details, ensuring you’re all set to make a thrilling decision without any second thoughts!

LML Star EV: The Unrivaled Range King

In the world of electric range, LML Star EV asserts its dominance by delivering an unparalleled 156 kilometers on a single charge. This electric marvel stands out, fueled by a lithium-ion battery that guarantees an extraordinary range performance. The design is nothing short of spectacular, featuring premium-quality elements.

Thrilling Features of LML Star EV

Hold on to your excitement because LML Star EV is not just about the range; it’s loaded with a variety of thrilling features. Picture this – a navigation bar, digital speedometer, start button, USB port for charging, digital odometer, reverse mode, LED lighting, push-speed, and mobile connectivity – all packed into this electric powerhouse.

LML Star Electric Scooter

LML Star EV: The Price Party

When it comes to the price, LML Star EV is stealing the spotlight, attracting college students and housewives alike with its unbeatable affordability. Priced at just ₹100,000 ex-showroom, this electric sensation is now within your reach. Plus, it comes with the added convenience of fast charging.

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