Rev up your ride! Tork Kratos is a steal with easy EMIs. Own it now at luna prices!”

Tork Kratos Bike – The Most Affordable Option

Hey, thrill-seekers of India! Tork Motors has rolled out a game-changer – the Tork Kratos electric motorcycle! In cahoots with a cool new startup, they’ve given us the first taste of electric biking madness. And guess what? It’s turning heads with its pocket-friendly price tag and an enviable mileage!

Tork Kratos Bike – The Most Affordable Option

This electric charmer not only looks sporty but promises a ride that’ll set your heart racing! Zero emissions, fantastic range – the Tork Kratos is here to make some noise. Let’s dive into the deets on price, mileage, and features!

Attractive Design of Tork Kratos Bike

Hold your breath for the Tork Kratos! It’s not just an electric bike; it’s a head-turner! The naked roadster design, racing heritage, triangular LED lights, and a digital instrument cluster – it’s got the works! Plus, that train list frame? Pure genius for an electrifying ride!

Performance Details of Tork Kratos

Now, let’s talk power! The Tork Kratos packs a punch with a magnet motor and a 9 kW battery. It’s a torque beast with 38 Nm and a cluster system that’s a showstopper.

The claim? 0 to 40 kmph in a jaw-dropping 3.5 seconds! And if that’s not enough, it hits a top speed of 105 kmph! Buckle up, folks!

Top-Quality Riding Experience with Tork Kratos

Get ready for a joyride! The Tork Kratos offers three riding modes: Eco, Eco Plus, and Sport. Eco for efficiency, Eco Plus for a bit more, and Sport for that heart-pounding thrill. It’s a ride like no other!

Tork Kratos is a steal with easy EMIs

Super Fast Charging with Tork Kratos

No time to waste! The Tork Kratos charges like a superhero – 80% in just 1 hour! A 4 kW charger gives you a whopping 180 km range. And it’s got an IP67 production rating – talk about a power-packed performer!

Information on the Price and EMI Plan of Tork Kratos

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the price! The Tork Kratos kicks off at ₹2,09,999 (ex-showroom). The top-tier variant? Priced at ₹2,29,999 (ex-showroom). It’s a steal for the thrill it brings!

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Details on Tork Kratos EMI Plan

You can own the base variant for an easy down payment of around ₹14,621 and a monthly installment of about ₹4,215. Feeling fancy? The top variant can be yours with a down payment of ₹29,708 and a monthly installment of around ₹8,825.

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