Good News For EV Owners: Government Provides Subsidies to Electric Trucks and Tractors in New Policy

“Government’s Ambitious Move: Fame 3 Draft Proposes Subsidies for Electric Trucks and Tractors”

The government has prepared this draft. According to the exclusive information received by CNBC Awaaz, there is a proposal to give subsidies to electric trucks and tractors also in the Fame Tha policy and what is unique. To know more about this, let’s go to such a person. So, sir tell me how your draft differs from the previous policy.

Yes, some unique things in it make it different from Fame 2, the biggest thing is that Fame 3 will be three times the cost of Fame 2. About thirty-three thousand two hundred and forty crores have been proposed by Heavy Industries, which the Finance Ministry is discussing. This is being discussed with the Road Transport Ministry and all the other ministries, but the proposal is three times more, it is proposed to be kept for 5 years. The second important thing that will happen is the inclusion of electric tractors and trucks.

“Key Distinctions: Fame 3 Proposal Marks Threefold Increase and Inclusion of Electric Trucks and Tractors”

The proposal has been prepared for how to electrify the tractors used in the fields, and the subsidy that will be given in this, according to the proposal, will be fifteen thousand rupees per hour for e-trucks or the price of the vehicle. Its maximum can be 20 percent. For e-tractors, the government can increase the total cost of the vehicle per kilowatt hour to Rs. 30. This is an important thing. The second important thing is that the incentive will be reduced every year.

“Unique Subsidy Structure: Details on Proposed Incentives for E-Trucks and E-Tractors”

Generally, if in frame 2, If you look, the subsidy was flat during the entire period of the scheme, but here there is a proposal to reduce it every year; an example is that if we talk about the E2 wheeler in the first year, then it is proposed to keep it at Rs 10,000 per kilowatt hour, in the second year it will be Rs 7500. There is a proposal of Rs. 1000 per kilowatt hour in the third year Rs. 3000 per kilowatt hour in the third year and Rs. 1500 per kilowatt hour in the last year. Similarly, if we talk about four wheelers then in the first year it will be priced at ten thousand per kilowatt hour and in the second year they will be priced at eight thousand per kilowatt hour. In the third year, it was proposed at Rs 5000 per kilowatt hour and in the last year, it was proposed at Rs 3500 per kilowatt hour.

“Gradual Reduction: Fame 3 Draft Proposes Yearly Decrease in Incentives, Differing from Fame 2”

This means that every year the subsidy will be decreasing but the government’s projection that the sale of electric vehicles will increase every year, then more and more vehicles will be able to come under the subsidy.
This is an essential thing for women, especially if any electric vehicle is registered in their name, they will get an additional subsidy of Rs 10. For this, a proposal has been made to create a separate fund for the PM e Bus scheme for electric buses. It has also been said that this will be done through subsidy only.

The Cape subsidy model and VGF model are the two models chosen and it is expected that 36700 electric buses can be funded in the entire subsidy period and apart from this, there will be an innovation fund in it. Talking of Rs. 1000 crores, many new things make it different from Fame 2, but one thing is that this is a policy draft and discussions are going on in various ministries as well. Keep in mind that this is a draft test.

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