Sparkling Success: Unwrapping the Electrifying Surges of December 2023 and Full Throttle Analysis of 2023 EV Sales!

December Electric Car Sales Report: A Roller Coaster Ride!

In the thrilling world of electric car sales, December brought us a wild ride, with a total of 7,124 units hitting the roads, a slight dip from the festive peak in November when we rolled out 7,374 units. It’s a pattern we’ve noticed – a surge during festivities followed by a mild descent. However, the bigger story lies in the year-on-year comparison, showcasing a staggering growth of 87%, with 8,187 units sold in 2023 compared to 4,361 in 2022. Clearly, the electric wave is sweeping the market, and enthusiasts are embracing the electrifying future of transportation.

Number 10: Kia Motors – Riding the Roller Coaster

Seated firmly at number 10 is Kia Motors, maintaining its position from the previous month. In November, they cruised with 37 units, and December saw them clock in at 30. The sales chart resembles a roller coaster, reaching its zenith in May and then dipping in October. With a market share of less than 1% in 2023 and a total of 436 units sold throughout the year, Kia Motors holds the 10th position in the electric car race, showcasing the dynamic nature of the market.

Number 9: PC Automobile – Citroen EV on the Move

Zooming into the ninth spot is PC Automobile with its Citroen EV. Last month, they sold a robust 126 units, but December witnessed a dip, settling at 49 units. The monthly and total growth takes a brief dip of 61%. Reviewing their sales chart, the journey begins in March, peaks in May and June, and gradually descends. As of December, they’ve captured a 2% market share for the year, tallying up to 1,938 units sold in 2023. PC Automobile sits at the ninth rank, proving that the electric car race is a thrilling competition where rankings can shift as swiftly as the wind.

Stay tuned for more electrifying updates as we race through the exciting world of electric car sales!

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