How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Ghostwriter For An Article

Agar aap ek blogger hain. Apki blogging Journey is wajah se ruki hai kyuki aapko Post likhna nahi ata hai. to ye post apke liye bahut useful hai. kyuki is post me mai apko Content writer hire karne ki jankari dunga.  agar apko apne blog ke liye quality post likhwani hai. To ap Content Mart Se likhwa Sakte hain. yaha se aap cheap prie me post likhwa sakte hain.

‘How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter’ is a frequently searched question on the internet and in this article we are going to discuss the kind of money you need to shell out for hiring a ghostwriter for an article.

How to hire a writer

Factors controlling the rate of a freelance ghostwriter

It is needless to mention that the rate you have to pay is totally dependent on the nature and length of your project. The cost of hiring a ghostwriter varies greatly from freelancer to freelancer, though you can rest be assured that you’ll be getting what you are paying for.
The expenses of hiring a freelance writer are dependent on the following factors:

The kind of writing job you want to outsource

The charge would obviously be less if you are trying to get an article rewritten. On the other hand, you need to pay a lot more if you want a one of a kind article on a unique topic. Generally freelance writers are known to charge less for typical blog posts which can be easily re-written by consulting a number of sites. The charge obviously goes up if you want them to write an e-book, a press-release, product reviews or any other challenging projects. Typically, you’d need to dole out a minimum of $10-$15 for a 500 word article.

The length of your project

Most ghostwriters are known to charge on a per word basis. So the total amount is largely dependent on the length of the article you require. The cost of getting an article written is going to be much less than what you need to pay for an e-book.

The experience and proficiency of the freelancers

Expert freelancers are known to charge a lot more than the upcoming ones. So if you want a top notch article for your website then you might have to pay up to $100 for a thousand word article. Expert writers can charge as high as $1 per word. If you are not willing to spend that amount of money, then settle for a fresh writer who is willing to do the same job at a much lesser price.

The Deadline

The rate of the writer would also depend on the deadline of your project. If you want your article written within just 24 hours, then the writer is obviously going to charge you more.

content mart se writer kaise hire kare

Cheapest way to hire a ghostwriter

One of the most cost effective ways to hire a ghostwriter is by registering with a content mill website such as At Contentmart there are a lot of writers, both amateur as well as experienced who would be more than eager to write for you at a very economical rate. Here, you can easily get a 500 word article written for just $5. You need to post your job and wait for the writers to bid on your project. Now all you need to do is look out for the most competent writer’s profile and award the project.

So Agar ap apne blog ke liye content likhwana hai. to mai apko Recommended karunga ki aap contentmart se apni post likhwaye. ye fiver ki tarah work karta hai. agar aap nahi bhi likhwana chahte hain. aur ek blogger hain to ek baar isko check zarur kare.

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