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FMovies 2019: This is a website that can download movies as well as stream online. All the latest movies are available to download on this free movie downloading website. By the way, it is specially made for online movie viewing. But this site provides online streaming as well as movie downloading service.

If you want to download online movies for the first time and you have absolutely no information about it, you will be surprised to know that you can download movies for free from this site.

But what is a problem is that downloading movies from these pirated websites is not legal. If the government catches you by downloading the movie, then you can be punished for this.

I am telling this because you have come to download a movie from the Internet for the first time, otherwise you would have known about it that torrent sites are Illegal and downloading movies from them is such a big crime.

Even though you can easily download a movie from here, the free stuff is not always 100% correct. I recommend that you avoid illegal websites.

Do you not understand anything? So let me tell you in detail what is fmovies io and how does it work? How to download a movie from it?


FMovies is a website that hosts links and embedded videos. Users can stream and download movies for free from this website.

Currently, this site is less popular and very few people know about it. But there was a time when this site was counted among the top most popular movie downloading sites.

When the government banned the FMovies website, its traffic gradually decreased, people forgot it and now it has become extinct.

Because now this website has been completely included in those red-listed websites which are not available on the internet for public access.

This website was completely removed from Google search results. Because this website included latest movies 2019 Illegally and leaked movie links on its website.

Now you must be aware that it is illegal to upload his film on his website without the permission of the movie owner.

Therefore the government has banned this website completely. Face information about this in Google too. But still let me tell you a little more about it.

FMovies information

Here I tell you about it by table so that you can understand everything easily.

Fmovies Information
Type Online Video Stream
Language English
Location Worldwide
Income source Advertisement
Starting 2016
Founder Unknown
Revenue $2,000 to $5,000 per day
Present situation Active
Popularity Much less famous

There is not much information on the internet about fmovies. So it will be difficult not to come too much about it. Yes, we have got a little history on Wikipedia which is as follows.

History of FMovies

This website was created sometime in 2016 according to TorrentFreak. This website was very well known then, it was operated by unknown admin.

But only in December 2016, the fmovies site was blocked from google search. In October 2018, this website was blacklisted by the US, Australia, and many other countries.

In February 2019, Sweden asked advertisers to blacklist some piracy and stream websites, the list also included fmovies.

Filipino media and entertainment group ABS-CBN filed a case against whom the FMovies lost and had to pay a fine of $ 210,000.

On April 2019, ISPs in India were also ordered to block FMovies in Hindi. The US government has considered this website to be top piracy websites.

Fmovies 2019 – Download & Watch Hindi, English Dubbed Hollywood Movies for Free
FMovies to has been blocked in countries around the world, even now it can not be found in Google search. But we cannot deny that this website is no longer active.

Because whenever the government blacklists the domains of these torrent websites, they start their work again by creating a new website with a new URL.

If we talk about the content available on it, Trending, Top IMDB, Movies and TV Shows, etc. are available to download and watch online.

A link to News, Request will also be found in the footer of its website, from where you can get information about its new films as well as request for your sweat movie.

All kinds of online movies can be downloaded on the Fmovies website 2019, whether it is a comedy movie or action movie, you can download it on your mobile, computer or laptop and you can download and watch movies of your choice. The number of users using Fmovies Site is around 1 million every month, which is the best reason that it allows its users to download movies online for free.

You can download the latest release movie on this website as well as watching old movies, Fmovies provides movie downloads in languages like Bollywood Movies, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, etc. This is a great movie streaming website.

No registration is required to use Fmovies Online. Different Sections have been given to download the movie on Fmovies Free Website so that the user has ease. In the suggestions of suggestions on the homepage, you can see which movie has been seen the most times in the last week. Similarly, you can see which are the most viewed movies in the month. The number of hours the movie is also given on the Fmovies Official Website website.

More About Fmovies

On this website, many types of options are presented, such as clicking on the Country option, you can view your country according to your country or the country you want to watch, in Genre section you will find all the categories of the movie like – Romance, Movies from Drama, History, Adventure, Thriller, and many more categories are available in this option. Fmovies also allows watching TV Series. In Search Bar, you can search for any movie of your choice and download it.

IMDB Rating is also featured on the Fmovies Online Site. In which Top Movies 2019 Hollywood and Top Movies 2019 Bollywood by IMDB Is rated. On this site, you are also given the option to share the site link on social media. Which can be shared and liked via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest.

Using the Fmovies 2019 website is not dangerous, but if you want to protect your device or protect your device from Malware, then you can use Antivirus for this. On the Internet, you will find many Antivirus Applications, with the help of which you can protect your device from Junk and Malware.

Friends, now you can download your movie through this site and enjoy your favorite movie from home. The best part of it is that you can enjoy watching a variety of movies on it for free, watch Netflix videos, watch Fmovies TV Series Online of your choice. Separate TV Shows category has been given so that users do not have any problem in watching Fmovies TV Shows. Fmovies Hindi Movies provides a very convenient platform for users to watch online for free, where they get to watch all kinds of movies.

If Fmovies Site is not running on your computer or phone, it does not mean that it is closed, in reality, it is not closed. For these sites, there is an IP block of the system which can be opened with the help of Fmovies Proxy. But you might not know that it is illegal to download movies from any pirated website like Fmovies. The government is trying to stop all pirated websites in which – Fmovies sites have been banned many times including,,, fmovies.see,,, fmovies. Includes URLs like io,,,,,, etc.

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Fmovies 2019

As the internet has become available to everyone, everyone wants that we download the free movie in our phone or in our laptop via internet and watch it, friends if you also want to download free movie.

So keep up with this article because we are going to give you complete information about downloading the movie for free if you download the free movie from the internet. You should know these things which we are going to tell you

Then let’s start and find out how to download movies from fmovies. And what are the benefits and disadvantages of downloading free movies? 

Fmovies – Watch Bollywood, Hollywood, TV Series Everything In HD Quality

Let me tell you that there are many pirated websites on the Internet,   which illegally gives you the facility to download movies for free.

Downloading movies for free from these websites is a legal offense. Pirated movie websites cause crores of loss to the movie industry every year. Stealing someone’s original content comes under Piracy.

And according to the rules of the Government of India, Piracy is a crime, in which you can be punished from 3 years to 5 years and can also be fined from 50,000 to 300,000.

That is why we want to tell you that you should never download a movie from a pirated website, you should always use the right methods to watch movies that are far away from them.

Fmovies Hindi movies

Fmovies is a  pirated website. On this website, you get to download every latest movie HD like Thriller movies, Horror movies, Telegu movie, Animation movie, Hollywood, Bollywood, Malayalam free movie download, etc.

You get to watch all kinds of movies here. And from here you can also download them easily and if you want, you can also watch them online.

On the FMovies website, the website has been customized very well for the user, there you get a list of category wise movies.

Like if you have to download the latest Hindi movie, then you will get a category there, you can download that movie by clicking there.

High-quality Movie from Fmovies

 To download a movie on the Fmovies website, there is no registration, from here you can download the movie absolutely free. Yes, but you will get to see ads by filling it here, as well as viruses that can also come into your system and phone.

When you click on download, a lot of software will be downloaded in your system, which is very harmful to the system and the phone.

Here you get movies in all formats like MP4, HD, full HD in half you get movies here.

Do not use these types of websites to watch movies for free, it can also be punished by the government, so you should use the right methods to watch movies so that you do not have any kind of problem.

Fmovies Subsidiary Website
fmovies.wp fmovies.proxy

How to download Movies From FMovies Download?

To download Fmovies movies, his website has to be accessed, but it has been blacklisted all over the world. That is why it is difficult to find out about its new site.

But whenever the government blocks its sites, the FMovies team immediately creates a new site with a new link.

Its uses are also very clever. As soon as anyone user comes to know about its new link, then they share that link with their friends on social media.

With this, their new website becomes popular in a very short time and they earn lakhs by the time the government comes to know about it and they have blocked the site.

FMovies New Link 2019
If you search in Google by typing “FMovies”, you will find many similar websites, which are actually duplicate websites of the Main FMovies site.

Talking about FMovies new links, its domain is currently working. But this is exactly the site of this, can not say anything.

Even if this is so, the website will also become blacklist as soon as the government comes to know about it.

Some of its other blocked and unblocked domains are as follows.

Fmovies URLs List

The government has blocked its entire fmovies proxy list, the same will happen in the future. Not only this, the government is also looking for their admin and visitors.

If someone is caught downloading a movie upload on this website, then take it for 2 years. Fines of 50,000+ may also have to be paid.

This fine is only for visitors. Its founders have a separate punishment. He can also be sentenced to life imprisonment along with fines.

In which format can you download a movie from FMovies?

By now you must have understood that this website also works like the rest of the movie downloading piracy website. Meaning, you will get dubbed movies on this too.

The only difference is that South India Tamil, Telugu or Bollywood Movies but not only Hollywood Movies will be available to download and watch online.

Talking about movies quality, HD 1080p, 720p, 480p, MP4, MPEG, MKV movies have been made available for download.

All movies are in pirated versions and uploading / downloading pirated content is a legal offense. That is why the government exerts maximum power on this website.

Apart from this, there are many websites like Tamilrockers , TamilGun , 7starHD , Isaimini , oFilmywap , Worldfree4u, Bolly4u , Skymovies which provide Illegally movies downloading service.

Should I download movies from FMovies?

No, no, no, not at all! We would never recommend you to download a movie from this website. We recommend that you do not use any pirated website, not just this.

Anita Like I mentioned above, you may have to face that type of government action. The second biggest thing is that these websites have third-party ads, which contain viruses.

When you visit their website and click on the movie downloading link to download the movie, then the virus will come in your device system.

After that your personal sight will not be yours, the hackers must have stolen it. That is why once again I say that do not use that material on this site at all.

what is piracy 

The pirated website provides you the data of the original content creator for free, causing a huge loss to the original creator.

That is why this pirated website is illegal. Both the person who uses and runs the illegal website is considered a criminal and that is why you stay away from such a website.


ShareThisIndia is completely against illegal activities. This information has been given only to make you aware. Piracy of someone’s original content is punishable under the Indian government. Stay away from the AC website and choose the legal way to download the movie.

Piracy of original content is illegal under Indian law and it is a legal offense to do so. If someone is found doing so, there is a provision for punishment for him.

That’s why you should play legally movies download sites to download movies from any such website .

We do not endorse or promote our website FMovies or any pirated website. The purpose of sharing this information is only to make you know about them.

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