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Citroen Unleashes the Future: Meet the eC4 Electric Car, a Nexon EV Challenger with a Jaw-Dropping 420 KM Range and Cutting-Edge ADAS Features!

Nexon ev Rival

The Electric Showdown Begins: Citroen EC4 Takes on Nexon EV!

Tata Nexon EV, step aside! A formidable competitor has entered the ring – the Citroen EC4, ready to give a tough fight with its sleek design, enhanced safety features, and an impressive 350 km range. Get ready for the electric showdown of the year!

Stylishly Aggressive: Citroen EC4’s Striking Front Profile!

Citroen EC4 makes a grand entrance with its Sun’s design front profile – minimalistic yet irresistibly attractive. The chrome-finished grill, adorned with Citroen’s signature logo, exudes elegance. LED DRLs and reflector LED headlamps add a touch of sophistication, while aggressive arrow-shaped fog lamps steal the spotlight. Prepare to be captivated by a design that sets the EC4 apart from the EV crowd.

Advanced Safety Features: Citroen EC4 Takes the Lead!

Safety takes center stage with Citroen EC4, boasting Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features that elevate the driving experience. Revel in the assurance of added safety elements absent in the Nexon EV, making the EC4 a compelling choice for safety-conscious drivers.

A Drive to Remember: Citroen EC4’s Power and Performance!

Underneath the hood, the Citroen EC4 packs a punch with a 50 kWh R battery, generating 136 PS and 260 Nm torque. The instant torque delivery ensures a thrilling driving experience, making every journey memorable. Bid farewell to compromises – the Citroen EC4 is engineered for pure driving pleasure.

Spacious Sophistication: Citroen EC4’s Interior Excellence!

Size matters, and the Citroen EC4 flaunts its spacious cab with a wheelbase of 22670 mm, dwarfing the competition. Slip into a world of comfort and luxury as you experience a ride that redefines interior elegance. The EC4’s minimalist and classic design ethos, reminiscent of the Citroen ‘E,’ adds a touch of sophistication to electric mobility.

Diamond-Cut Elegance: Citroen EC4’s Alloy Wheels!

Rolling in style, the Citroen EC4 has diamond-cut alloy wheels in an 18-inch size, paired with powerful disc brakes on all four wheels. The combination of elegance and performance ensures that the EC4 turns heads and stops them in their tracks with precision and style.

The ‘E’ Factor: Citroen EC4’s Symbolic Branding!

Embracing the electric revolution, Citroen EC4 carries the symbolic ‘E’ in its branding – a minimalist representation, indicating a shift towards electric innovation. Join the movement where style meets sustainability, with the Citroen EC4 leading the charge into the future of electric driving.

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