15 Best Bokeh Camera Applications for Smartphones

The development of age, smartphones can be used in everything, including capturing the moment. There are smartphones that have been built from scratch with superior and latest photography features, but not all. And, the price of a nice camera-armed cellphone is quite expensive.

The developers are competing to create applications that support human needs in the current digital era, one of which is taking photos with the bokeh effect. If you have to use a camera like a DSLR in every activity, it’s less practical than using a smartphone that can be taken anywhere. Not everyone has a DSLR camera too, right?

The existence of a photo application with a bokeh effect makes the costs incurred to get perfect photos much cheaper, your funds can also be allocated for other needs.

Besides being designed to obtain bokeh images, some of the applications below are also equipped with a variety of other features that you can get for free or paid. Ranging from image capture technology, filters, stickers, to photo and video editing.

The existence of a photo application helps Android users who like to take photos to be able to perfect the photo results, one of them by giving the effect of blur, fade, or bokeh in some desired section. Thus, the images obtained can look more focused and memorable. Here are some bokeh camera applications that can be selected by the Caris Signal version.

1. VSCO Cam

The application “VSCO Cam” is known as a popular editing application that apparently can be used for bokeh needs. This application, which has been downloaded by more than 50 million people, carries a variety of other exclusive and interesting features, such as RAW mode, ISO, white balance and many more.

Unfortunately, to get the full features, you must use the Pro version or the paid version of the application. However, if you have no problems with the free version, you can click here to download the application.

2. Candy Camera

” Candy Camera ” is a popular application that has been downloaded by more than 100 million users. Offering many filters, stickers, collages, to features that support making photos more perfect. Besides being able to be used to take bokeh photos, “Candy Camera” also has several other features such as disguising blemishes on the face. Unfortunately, this application is filled with various advertisements for the free version.

3. Camera FV 5

The application, which is often referred to as resembling the original DSLR, has a variety of features, ranging from speed, ISO, white balance, to a built in intervalometer that supports timelapse. In addition, the application ” Camera FV 5 ” also supports various image formats ranging from JPEG, RAW, DNG to PNG lossless.

So, it’s only natural if the results of the images obtained will be similar to the catches of photographers. The application that has been downloaded more than 10 million people you can get for free or even paid for more complete features.

4. DSLR Camera Pro

Like DSLRs in general, the application “DSLR Camera Pro” is claimed to resemble the original features, including taking pictures bokeh. So, pictures captured by using this application will look like professional photos. Applications that have been downloaded more than 10 thousand people are available in the paid version to get more complete features.

5. Cymera Beauty Camera

Bokeh camera application that is equipped with various stickers and editing features has been used by more than 300 million people. Because ” Cymera Beauty Camera ” offers more than 150 filter options that are funny and interesting. This application also supports increasingly perfect picture results due to the timer function, silent mode, to the stabilizer.

6. Retrica

Besides being able to be used for editing photos and videos to create GIFs, the “Retrica” ​​application supports taking bokeh photos as well. Not only that, “Retrica” ​​also has a variety of filters, collages and features offered, one of which is multi shot mode. This application is also connected to social media, so you can share the results of images more easily. Click this link to download the application.

7. Google Camera

Although not compatible with all Android, the default Google application developed for Android can be used to take bokeh photos.

In addition, ” Google Camera ” also has a variety of features such as smartbust mode, stabilizer, and the cool thing is the 360 ​​° photosphere that supports taking pictures in a circular but still detailed despite inadequate lighting.

8. Open Camera

Having a variety of advanced features ranging from stabilizers, geo tagging, to the GUI, the ” Open Camera ” application offers a lightweight but attractive appearance. In addition, there is voice instruction technology that makes it easy for users to take pictures by issuing sound.

And, of course, there are also technologies that make this application capable of producing bokeh photos. So far, the “Open Camera” application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people.

9. Camera Zoom FX

Different from other bokeh camera applications, ” Camera Zoom FX ” is known to be able to take photos at high speed. In fact, to record video, this application can work with 50 frames/second.

Also supported by a variety of interesting features ranging from burst mode, ISO settings, capture RAW to various filters. However, again to get the full features you must use the paid version of this application.

10. Footej Camera

Bokeh photo application that can record video with high resolution is equipped with various advanced features. Among them, there are slow motion, panorama mode and burst mode. Unfortunately, to get the application with this attractive appearance, you must use the paid version in order to feel the sophistication of the overall features that are carried.

11. A Better Camera

This one bokeh camera application is quite sophisticated because it is supported by the best shot feature, so it can shoot photos quickly and precisely. Plus the Camera 2 API that makes the images obtained look like the catch of a professional photographer. There are also other features such as multi-shot, night mode, white balance, to the light settings contained in this ” A Better Camera ” application.

12. Camera360

Equipped with a variety of stickers and filters, the application, known as the most popular editing application, can also be used to take bokeh photos. “Camera360 ” is suitable for you who are interested in applications that have been integrated with social media directly.

13. B612

Who doesn’t know this B612 application? Carrying many filters and stickers makes this application has been used by more than 100 million people. Moreover, B612 can be used to take bokeh photos and also interesting videos. In addition, the user interface that is presented is fairly light and can be connected directly to social media.

14. ProShot

This ” ProShot ” application is supported by technology for editing such as ratio and compression settings. For those who still lay with the world of photography, videography, and editing just calm. Because this application is equipped with a tutorial as a whole.

The use of this application is also fairly easy. Simply by clicking on one point, the resulting bokeh image will be as expected. Bokeh camera application that comes with a variety of powerful photographer features you can get for free.

15. Camera MX

This bokeh camera application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people. ” Camera MX ” application has almost all photography features such as filters, collages, convert to GIF, video and photo editing on Android.

There is also a pre-shot or shoot to the past option that functions as a timer. The plus value of this application includes taking pictures with high resolution.

Lots of application options to produce bokeh photos. So, you don’t need to worry if your HP camera doesn’t have a bokeh camera. Is there a bokeh photo application that is your favorite?

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