BAJAJ Chetek Sets the Electric Scooter Scene Ablaze in December 2023!

December EV Sales Recap: Unwrapping the Surprises and Setbacks

Hey, electric vehicle enthusiasts! The December 2023 EV sales report is here, and it’s time to dive into the highs, lows, and unexpected turns in the dynamic world of electric mobility. While we all know November and October were buzzing with sales, December threw us a curveball, proving that the holiday season doesn’t always translate to roaring car purchases.

December’s Dilemma: Festival Frenzy vs. Year-End Lull

It’s a tale as old as time – November and October, the festival months, showcased a spectacular dance of sales as people lined up to get their hands on shiny new rides. But December, often a quieter month for car buying, saw a noticeable dip in general sales. While it’s essential not to compare apples with oranges, it’s worth noting that the efforts made by companies to lure customers with offer after offer didn’t yield the expected results.

The Top 10 EV Players in December: Who Stood Tall and Who Stumbled?

Let’s cut to the chase and break down the top 10 players in December’s EV sales game. Starting at the 10th position, the latest entrant sold a promising 1297 units in November but faced a slump, moving only 769 units in December.

Winds of Change: Once a Titan, Now a Challenger – Nava’s Decline

Hold on to your seats as we witness a significant shift in the EV landscape. Nava, once a titan in the second position, has now slipped to the 9th position. The company, which sold 1258 units in November, saw a notable drop, selling only 965 units in December. The winds of change are blowing, and who knows what the future holds for this once mighty contender?

The Rollercoaster Continues: B Gas and Auto’s Slide to 8th Place

In the fast-paced race for EV supremacy, B Gas and Auto, holding the 8th position, experienced a dip in sales. After selling 1606 units in November, they slid to 1214 units in December, landing them in the 7th position. The competition is fierce, and every position counts.

JE Bike: A Beacon of Hope Amidst the Drops

Amidst the drops and slides, JE Bike emerges as a beacon of hope. Selling 1188 units in November, they revved up their game in December, selling an impressive 1407 units. It’s a testament to resilience in a market where challenges and victories go hand in hand.

Get ready for more twists and turns in the thrilling EV saga as we venture into a new year filled with electrifying possibilities!

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