What Song Is This? 10 Mobile And Web Apps to Identify Songs

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When in the crowd or even indoors, we often hear a few songs playing. Whether it’s through smartphones, television, radio and other media. When you are interested in the song because it is impressed with the lyrics, or because the song is easy listening, it certainly makes you curious to find out the title and singer of the song, right?

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It’s quite annoying if the song in question never met. The tone is stuck in the brain, but we never know whose song it is. Eventually it even became a prolonged curiosity. Fortunately, in this increasingly sophisticated digital age, there are a variety of applications that support finding songs.

You can search for songs easily only through the application found on the smartphone. You can get complete information quickly and accurately from the title, name and biography of the singer, to the track or lyrics of the song in question.

By using some of these song detection applications, you just need to bring your smartphone closer to the source of the song, write a piece of the memorized lyrics, or even clear the song’s melody, whether it’s a local or foreign song.

Moreover, overall, the song detection application is designed lightweight and can be obtained free of charge. Here are some song detection applications that you can use via a smartphone from Share This India.

1. Shazam

If other song detection applications can generally be obtained on Android, Shazam which has been downloaded more than 100 million people can be used via Android, Mac, Windows or IOS. More versatile and understanding, huh? In fact, the application released in 2002 was developed by Apple Inc., tablets.

What is preferred about Shazam is its compatible size, as well as the fairly easy to use method. Just by bringing the smartphone closer to the sound source, you can search for songs online or offline!

So far, Shazam is known to be quite good at detecting songs automatically whether they are local or foreign. Information from the title, singer, and even the background of the song you are looking for will be displayed.

Shazam also became a chart benchmark in addition to YouTube , Apple Music and Spotify when new songs came out. Every time people find out about the song will be included in the chart, for example “Song ‘Inner Child’ by BTS Taehyung is heating up on the Shazam charts right now”. Interested in using this application? Click this link for Android and this link for iOS.

2. SoundHound

A song detection application released in 2005 owned by SoundHound Inc. it has been used by more than 100 million people. An American application that has a similar name to its developer, SoundHound, is designed to be very compatible in terms of size and operating system.

In addition to being known to be accurate and fast in detecting songs, users can use this application to find information related to the song you are looking for with just a snippet of the remembered lyrics, even if it is random. Get the application here .

3. Musixmatch

The Musix Match application was created by an Italian developer with a similar name and was released in 2010. Musixmatch presents a song detection application with varying sizes and can be obtained on iOS , Windows, and Android 4.1 operating systems and above. The Musix Match application is also widely known to be found on music platforms, such as Joox or Spotify.

This application can detect songs and display information about songs, singers, and even the lyrics at the same time. In addition, Musix Match also carries a lightweight and attractive user interface , so it is appropriate that the song detection application has been downloaded by more than 50 million people.

4. Genius

In addition to having a website and often appearing on several music platforms, Genius Media Group, Inc. has also released a song detection application of the same name, Genius. The application made by an American company that was released in 2009 is very compatible, ranging from the size to the operating system because it can adjust.

Genius always carries a user interface that is lightweight and fast but still attractive. This song detection application can also search for information related to songs and singers with music videos or songs that are officially released. So, you can immediately listen after the song you are looking for has been detected. So, it’s only natural that this Genius app has been downloaded by more than 5 million people.

If you are interested and want to detect your favorite songs, you can directly download the application for free on Android through this link and iOS at this link.

5. Music Recognition

Music Recognition is a little different from other song detection applications. The application produced by Beatfind Music Recognition not only detects the title and biography of the singer, but also other tracks of the singer. This lightweight designed application with a size of 3.2MB is quite easy to use and can find songs quickly.

So, it’s only right if Music Recognition has been downloaded by more than 1 million people. What if you want to get it, this application can be found on smartphones that support the Android 4.2 operating system and above. Take it easy, this application is free, really ! Download here.

6. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

Successfully downloaded by more than 1 million people, HOUND Voice Search & Assistant developed by SoundHound Inc. This brings an attractive user interface. In addition, the song detection application which has a size of 38 MB uses a method that works similar to Google Assistant and Siri in detecting songs.

The difference, HOUND is not just looking for information about the title or singer, but also gives the user the freedom to write a biography or figure of the singer who is being sought. You can get the HOUND Voice Search & Assistant application via a smartphone that supports the Android 5.0 operating system and above, download here . For iPhone users , you can get the application here .

7. MusicID

Gravity Mobile, Inc. produces a song detection application called MusicID which is only 33MB in size. By using the MusicID application that has been used by 500 thousand people, you can find out the title of the song you want to find out, complete with the name of the singer.

The MusicID application that you can download with smartphone users of the Android 4.4 operating system and above is already supported with explore features that allow you to find out more complete information about the singer and song. The way is easy, just by bringing the smartphone closer to the sound source and wait until the results come out.

8. Music Detector

Designed by the Music Recognition App as a lightweight song detection application, this 7.2MB sized application is very fast and accurate in detecting songs that are heard from any source.

Music Detector is said to be able to display information related to the title and singer of the song you are looking for in seconds. More than 500 thousand people have already tried it! This Music Detector application can be obtained on smartphones with the Android operating system 4.2 and above.

9. Google Assistant

As is generally known, Google Assistant was developed by Google. This application, which was released in 2016, gives a lot of help to its users, including detecting songs. All you have to do is ask the Google Assistant and listen to the snippet of the song you are looking for, then the information you expect regarding the title or singer will appear.

In addition, Google Assistant will connect the link to the music platform or YouTube so that you can listen to the song directly easily. Google Assistant is more versatile than Siri because Google is on all Android phones, while Siri is only on the iPhone.

10. Siri

If other song detection applications are developed by various developers, Siri is the default application for IOS users since 2011. Siri can also be used to search for information about songs, whether it’s titles or singers.

How to use it is quite easy, just by asking Siri using English, such as “Siri, what song is this?”, Siri will listen to a little snippet of the song in question.

If found, Siri will display complete information about the song and a link that can connect you to Apple Music. So, you can immediately buy and enjoy the song without having to search again.

So, now you don’t need to bother to identify your favorite song. The ten applications are ready to help find information about any song you want to know. Ever tried one of the applications? Or, confused about how to know the title of the song? If you want to know, you can read this article.

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