10 Best Coding Applications on PC and Laptop Devices

The coding applications that programmers need to create applications generally contain lines of code. The more complete the sequence of the code, the more generated the application is. With a coding application, a programmer can arrange the code sequence to form a new application.

A variety of coding applications also come with different specifications. Some have simple features, some have full features, some even provide a variety of additional plugins. Programmers usually choose coding applications that carry the appropriate and complete programming language.

But, the most important thing is, the application must be compatible with the PC operating system they are using. Moreover, if the coding application is quite lightweight, compatible (able to be used on all operating systems) and can be integrated with other programs, it is definitely liked by programmers. Here is a row of coding applications on a PC that you can use the Caris Signal version .

1. Sublime Text

This coding application is quite compatible because it can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux. However, among the three, Linux is the operating system that best matches the “Sublime Text” application. Besides having maximum performance and a variety of views but still simple, “Sublime Text” is quite friendly in various developments.

This application can also be used for free for a certain period of time. Meanwhile, to get complete features such as instant project switch features , customize anything, goto anything, command palette, multiple selections, distraction free mode, split editing and API plugins along with application licenses, you have to pay around 70 US Dollars.

“Sublime Text” is quite easy to use, even on devices with limited resources. Applications that have many plugins are very suitable for programmers, especially web developers. Interested in trying it? Please download here .

2. Visual Code Studio

This coding application which is also made from Windows carries a simple but attractive appearance. “Visual Code Studio” you can easily get paid or free, you know !

Although there is no need to pay money, the features presented are quite competitive, such as keyboard shortcuts, auto-complete code sequences, using Zen mode to hide menus and icons and others.

In addition, coding applications that support the C # programming language are now able to support more program languages. Including the existence of special commands that can navigate between features one with other features.

Thus, this coding application can make it easier for programmers because they research and find their own mistakes in the line of code by integrating Git and debugging. For those who are interested in using this application, you can directly visit this link.

3. Notepad ++

This coding application is quite familiar to programmers’ ears. Because, this is the default Windows application developed from Notepad. Even so, this application can be distributed as free software that can be added by many plugins. “Notepad ++” is known as the tab window, so you can open various files at one time.

In addition, this coding application has various advanced features such as t -shortening, macro recording, shortcut customization, auto-completion and many more. “Notepad ++” which you can get for free has a GUI and various programming languages ​​including Assembly, C, Perl, PHP, Python, C ++, Java, Javascript, C #, CSS, HTML, Pascal, Ruby, Shell, SQL, VB and XML. Download here.

4. Emacs

The coding application released in 1975 was made by Richard Stallman with Guy L. Steele, Jr., until the abbreviation ‘Editor MACroS’ was created. After this application, Richard Stallman re-developed the coding application which is now widely recognized by programmers, namely GNU Emacs and XEmacs.

These applications were made by Richard Stallman using the C and Lisp programming languages. Emacs itself comes with a file manager and then completes it with subversion, bzr, git, hg to other features including e-mail display, debugger, and news. Generally, the “Emacs” coding application is widely used by Linux users. Want to try? Please download here.

5. Komodo Edit

“Komodo Edit” is a coding application that is compatible and can be used on all kinds of operating systems , whether it’s Windows , Mac OS, or even Linux, everything can!

The coding application, which was launched in 2007, has long accompanied programmers with a complete variety of features and a broad programming language including HTML, SQL, CSS, Python, PHP, and Ruby. Come on, download the application here !

6. Atom

This coding application owned by GitHub supports many languages ​​and is equipped with an attractive appearance. The applications contained in Windows, Mac OS and Linux can be said to be modular (large enough programs divided into smaller sections so that they are easy to understand and can be reused).

Because, you can easily add other features by installing plugins that are available in this “Atom” application. Some features of this one coding application include web based technology, fuzzy finder, TextMate grammars, integration with Node.js, fast project-wide and file system browsers.

Because of the many features available, a large enough resource is needed to use “Atom”. Are you the one that wants to use this application? If so, you can directly download it here .

7. Bluefish

“Bluefish” is a coding application that can be used on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. But, he tends to be more leverage if operated with Linux. Comes with a variety of features ranging from lines of code format, sophisticated search, addition of tables, unlimited undo or redo functions, toolbar.

This application can also open a variety of files with large sizes with one time, to snippet to support productivity. Even so, this coding application is fairly lightweight and has a stable processing speed. To get this application you can directly visit this site.

8. Brackets

This coding application from Adobe is intended for web design and front-end web development. Brackets that can be used on Windows, Mac OS and Linux come with a simple display that can be changed to dark or light mode, and even add a theme from the extension manager.

In addition, the application “Brackets” has a variety of other features ranging from highlighting, various keyboard shortcuts, no distraction mode, split screen that is useful for editing various documents at once, to live preview . Pretty complete, right ? If you are interested in this application, you can download it at this link.

9. Ultraedit

The “UltraEdit” application can be used on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. This coding application comes with various complete features, including multiline find and place , disk based text editing, 64 bit file handling, spell checker, unicode support, to large file handling .

However, to get it all you must first have a license for this coding application. If you have no problem with this, please directly click on this link.

10. Vim

Typically, the coding application released in 1991 is used by programmers who use the Linux operating system. By using a coding application that has a simple display of the Command Line Interface, you can do everything even if only armed with a keyboard or shortcut.

Coupled with good speed performance, this coding application is supported by various features, including changing text, deleting lines, moving lines, opening up to changing lines. Moreover, “Vim” is designed to present a variety of complete programming languages ​​such as bash scripts, C and PHP. Please click on this link to download here.

With all the applications we recommend earlier, you can do coding easily and smoothly without obstacles because each application has complete features. Not only complete, these features can also be tailored to your needs and can even be used for any OS! Have a favorite coding application? Tell us and other readers through the comments column, yes.

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